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Passion is defined as a powerful and compelling emotion, a strong enthusiasm for anything. In my case, I can say that I have a passion for typography. It all started when I was fifteen years old.

  Victor DeCastro  
  Victor DeCastro,
Unifonts Founder.

At a very young age I realized that I loved to draw. As I was growing up, my favorite uncle who worked in advertising, noticed my skill and decided to help me. He introduced me to one of his friends, an old man who owned a type foundry. The place was huge and had been in business for generations. I remember that the studio had many graphic artists, typecast machines and tons of big printing presses.

All the work was done by hand with wooden and lead type. They used to set type for advertising agencies, design studios and publishing companies. After school, I loved to go there and see all the work being done. I loved the smell of the ink on paper, the people and their work.

When I was in college, one of my projects involved researching the history of moveable type and its great influence in the development of Western civilization.

After college, my first job was at Gray Advertising in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. There my work was to render headlines on the layouts by hand. After a while, I knew the majority of available typefaces by heart.

When I became an art director, I continued to research and design type. I still have a collection of U&lc.

When I moved to the United States, everything changed. That was when I was introduced to the Macintosh and I found out that this little machine could do everything that I ever dreamed of and more in terms of typography. As a hobby, I started to digitize some of the fonts I had designed years before. First, I outlined the characters in Illustrator and used FontStudio to built the fonts itself. FontStudio had an elegant drawing interface but crashed like crazy. When Fontographer came on the scene, I switched right way. I still love Fontographer.

My first font was a sans serif geometric face called Unitech, followed by Arjorie, an elegant serif face with a calligraphy flair. Then came AndrewSans named after my son. Adriana, named after my first daughter. Audrey named after my second daughter. After a while I realized I had hundreds of typefaces.

In 1993, I started Unifonts and today I have designed more than a thousand typefaces. Besides the research and the precise care dedicated to each character, I pay special attention to the kerning itself.

Preliminary sketch for the Florina Typeface font  

Preliminary sketch for the Florina Italic typeface.



In the good old days, when we had typesetter professionals who knew how to set type, the tracking, the kerning, the right character, all was done with an artisan's care. With the introduction of the computers, this work has become the designer's responsibility. On one hand, it liberates creativity and experimentation, but on the other hand, it makes it much harder to produce great typographical work. The problem is that many designers skipped the class on typogography and forgot to learn the fundamentals of type. As a result, typography is becoming a lost art and good work is rare to find. It kills me to open a magazine or a newspaper and see all this type lifted right from the computer without any editing and care. Good design is a craft based on knowledge, care and detail.


Going back to type design, I pay a lot of attention in developing the kerning tables. The majority of my fonts carry more than 2000 kerning pairs. This makes the designer's life much easer since the the right spaces are built in the font itself.

In 1997, Adobe licensed some of my designs and the Pompeia Inline typeface was introduced as part of the ATM package. Needless to say this made me very happy and pushed me to develop more typefaces.

Today my passion for developing original fonts continues and more typefaces are in the works. If you work with type and appreciate good typography, take a look around this site and let me know what you think. Your comments are always welcome.


Victor DeCastro

Type Designer





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