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How to Order

Order through the Internet

When browsing, just click on the Download link and follow the instructions.
Unifonts’ commerce system uses the latest security technologies, allowing you to immediately download products from our Web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using any major credit card. Below you will find information that explains the fundamentals of the ordering process. For further questions or if something is not quite clear, please send us an

The Ordering Process:
Ordering and downloading typefaces and other digital products from the Unifonts Web site consists of five basic steps:

  1. Select the typefaces or other products you wish to purchase by clicking on the “Mac” or “PC” download link on any preview page.

  2. Read and accept the Unifonts End User License Agreement, which drops a request for the item into Unifonts’s digital Shopping Basket.

  3. When you are finished adding items, review your Shopping Basket and submit your order to our secure commerce server.

  4. Complete and submit the Unifonts customer information form, which includes credit card payment information. The form also requires that you assign yourself a password.

  5. Once the transaction is processed and approved (which takes 30-60 seconds), download the typeface or product data to your computer.

The Shopping Basket: Unifonts’ online commerce system in partnership with RegNow (a Division of Digital River), uses a digital “Shopping Basket” which lets you select multiple items for purchase. The Shopping Basket acts as a temporary storage location, holding a list of items you wish to purchase, and remembers these items while you continue shopping.As you preview typefaces and other products, clicking on the Mac or PC download link summons Unifonts’s end user license agreement. This license agreement allows you to install our fonts and digital products on up to five (5) computers at one location. (They can be printed to any number of output devices from those 5 computers.) Agreeing to the license agreement drops a request for that item into the Unifonts Shopping Basket. To delete items from your Shopping Basket, simply click on the small trash can icon next to the item’s name. If your Shopping Basket contains any items and you close your browser without submitting your order to our commerce server, you will not be charged for any items that are not processed, but you may find these items still in your shopping basket the next time you go shopping. You can always delete any item by clicking on the trash can icon next to the item’s name.

A Note About Your Shopping Basket: Unifonts’ online commerce system also uses a piece of software commonly called a “cookie” to keep track of your Shopping Basket. This “cookie,” which is stored on your computer, helps our commerce server identify you, allowing you to continue shopping and ensuring that as you select more items for purchase they go into the correct Shopping Basket. Some browsers have preferences that alert an end user when a cookie is being used, or in some cases, blocks the use of cookies altogether. Unifonts requires that your browser accept cookies in order to process your transactions. If you are having a problem with placing an order, please make sure that your browser’s preferences are set to accept cookies.


Font Formats: Unifonts supplies all of its typefaces in both PostScript Type 1 and TrueType format for either the Macintosh or PC. You will receive both formats in the typeface package that is downloaded to your computer. It is only necessary, however, to install one version of the typeface. Unifonts provides both formats because some users prefer one format over another.

Providing Your Personal Information: Once you finish placing items in the Shopping Basket, you will be ready to place your order. Once you click the “Place Secure Order” button, you enter a Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) on Unifonts’s commerce server. Unifonts works with a commerce partner, RegNow (a Division of Digital River), who specializes in processing secure web sales/delivery transactions. RegNow uses the most current encryption technology to protect your ordering information with the highest security possible. All information you provide during the transaction, including your credit card number, and all information and data delivered by the commerce server, is secure. (Recent versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer support SSL technology, but some other third-party browsers do not support the SSL technology.) After clicking the “Place Secure Order” button, you will then be presented with a Customer Information form, where you enter your personal information, including name, postal address, e-mail address, and credit card number, to complete the transaction. The Customer Information form also requires that you assign yourself a password, which will be requested if you wish to reinitiate your download at some later date. Make sure you write down the password you supply. Once you have completed the form, click on the Submit button.


Downloading Your Data: Once your transaction is processed, our commerce server will generate a page with links for downloading the data you have purchased. The page will have a link for each item ordered. To begin downloading the data to your computer, click on each button marked “Begin Download.” If you have ordered multiple items, you need to download each item separately.PLEASE NOTE: As downloading begins, Netscape Navigator users may get a dialog box warning that the file being downloaded is of type “application/octet.” Simply ignore this message and click on the dialog’s Save File button.The downloaded file will have a unique file name followed by a suffix or file extension. The file extension refers to the platform compression used on the file. Here are two examples:

PC6333.EXE - WinZip compressed executable file for the PC

PM6334.hqx - StuffIt compressed file for the MAC

For Mac users: Macintosh end users need StuffIt Expander from Aladdin Systems to decompress the files. If you do not have this free utility, you can download it from Aladdin at http://www.aladdinsys.com/expander/expander2.html. Even if you don’t have the Color utility, continue to download the font file to your computer. After the download is completed, retrieve the utility and then simply drag and drop the .hqx package onto the expander and it will be decoded and decompressed automatically.For PC users: To extract the font from the .EXE file simply double-click the file. The fonts will be decompressed and copied to a directory on your C: drive called “Unifonts”, unless you change the default directory after launching the executable file. Problems While Downloading or Ordering?If you experience an interruption or problems such as a phone line disconnection or system crash during downloading, we suggest that you first try to reinitiate the download. Simply go to the following URL:


Please have your customer number or order number, as well as your password ready. Follow the instructions to automatically re-initiate the download.Questions or problems during ordering or downloading should be directed to http://www.regnow.com/cs/contact.Technical Support and Font RegistrationOne of the great advantages of using the Internet for all of your font purchases is that you are automatically registered with Unifonts at the time of purchase. This means that we can alert you to any product upgrades or notices, and that you are eligible to receive free, unlimited technical support. Should you have a problems installing or using your typeface, please contact Unifonts at (845) 782-4820 ( 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST) or send us an e-mail at support@unifonts.com. You can also check the Support section on our Web site, which contains a Frequently Asked Questions document outlining common problems when using and installing typefaces.

Licensing and Corporate Upgrades: The purchase of an Unifonts typeface or other digital product is really the purchase of a license to use the Unifonts typeface or product. As previoulsy stated, our standard end user license agreement allows for the installation of any typeface, regardless of which format is installed, on up to five (5) computers at one location.If you work for a small, medium or large corporation and would like to license the fonts for more than 5 computers, then you should contact Unifonts about upgrading your license to a “site license.” These licenses are very cost-effective and come with supporting documentation that confirm the scope of your license. Unifonts also offers “corporate licenses,” which allow the distribution and use of the typeface throughout the entire corporation, whether that corporation is located in one building or consists of different subsidiaries all over the globe. For more information about upgrade or corporate licenses, please contact upgrade@unifonts.com. Questions about the Unifonts Web site or our commerce system should be directed to the info@unifonts.com.


Order by Mail

First you need to download our form (pdf) and print it out using free Adobe Acrobat reader.

Click to dowlnload the UnifontsForm.pdf. Send your order to:
673 Old Stratfield Road
Fairfield, CT 06825
Payment for overseas orders can only be accepted when using MasterCard, Visa or American Express. No checks, money orders, or cash.






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